The Cranial Mishaps of G-Fry

Sunday, February 1
This Is G-Fry...

Signing off.

This is it. The other page is set up. In my next post, you will have the link. It's been found a couple times already, but now it's officially open. I'm moving the counter over there, too. This page will cease to function in just a few moments. But first, my picture. As promised. The hair is a little different, the light provides me with a slight case of albino, but you get the jist.

So long, Blogger.

Set Like Crazy Glue
Never mind tha last post. Lisa fixed it for me. She's awesome. Go buy something from her.

Soon as I scan my picture, the new site goes up.

I Don't Know What The Hell I'm Doing
Okay. I've got the template. Yes, there will probably be other people with the same look as my page. But did I have to build it myself and kill something? No. So, I figured I'd be happier this way.

Turns out, I still want to kill something. I don't know where I'm supposed to upload all these (3) damn thingers. I uploaded them into MT through the Local Archive whatever-the-hell, with the images in /image and the .css in just the LAW-T-H. Apparently, that's not good enough for the internet. He wants something better. Something more. What a bastard...

If anyone can help, sure would be nice of ya.

I Appreciate That Guy
Woody Allen is just....phenomenal. I just finished watching Anything Else, and HOLY CRAP, I laughed. A lot. Woody Allen is just so funny. The script was hilarious. Jason Biggs played the character pretty well, but Woody Allen just...was him. You know what I mean.

Plus, Christina Ricci is really.....freakin' Super-hot. Uber-hot. I get the tingles...Just look at her. Bask in her hotness. Go ahead...bask.

I got called a sex addict today. After pointing out the immediate absurdity in logic, he decided that I'm a makeout addict. I don't see how it can count as an addiction if I never do it. Which reminds me...I really need to find someone to make out with. Woe are the years of teenagerdom, amass with hormones and....other hormones.

Those eyes....

Saturday, January 31
CBS: Political Slut?
Hmm. CBS is unwilling to play the ad. That link will let you see the ad and sign a petition to allow the ad to be played.

CBS says that the ad is controversial. That's not controversial. Airing a how to ad for that's controversial. But that ad? It's simply factual.

Via Jason Sutter.

Good News
I just sent off for the templates from Elegant Webscapes. You know what that domain, here I come.

I've been thinking about what I should leave here as my last post, and I decided, since Maine was badgering me, that I'd leave with a picture of me. I never really gave it too much thought that my face isn't plastered all over this thing, but I guess it's irksome to some not to know who's face they're talking to. So, that shall be the end of my Blogger face.

Hope you like it.

I went to visit Morgan for my daily Webgirl fix, but the site looks like this! Click either one! They look the same!

What are we going to do?!

Friday, January 30
I Almost Forgot!
I got haxX0r3d. Apparently, I'm going to get a whole lot of money and open a porn site starring Morgan and Helen.

I think I'm going to make good choices.

Can't wait for this one.


I think I freaked out a Rachel. I know her from English, and I decided that she was cool enough to hang out with me, so I called her up after school and asked if she wanted to hang out with us tonight. We (me, the bro, and a couple of friends) picked her up at her house and drove to the theatre. I decided it'd be fun to drive like a fourteen year old child in a rainstorm. Girls don't seem to like that.

The movie, Lost In Translation, was pretty good. The acting excellent. An enjoyable experience, even from row two.

After we leave the movie, I act pretty much normal. Now, normal for me includes a variety of hopping, jumping, twitching, flailing, and a general atmosphere of excitement/childishness. But, you know, in a fun way. Apparently she wasn't ready for all that G-Fry. She went home about ten minutes after the movie ended.

Which kinda sucked, cuz she's cool. And cute. Crap, I left her phone number out in the car. I'll have to get that...

One last thing: why do people make out in parking lots right off the road? We left the movie theatre and WHAM, right there outside, not even in a parking lot, but in a road leading to a parking lot, was a car with two people inside. Looked to be one male and one female. So we did what any sane person would do. We gave them a little light to help them navigate. I mean, it's always best to see where your hands are going in a situation like that. You don't want to offend anyone. We were just being helpful.

And extra helpful at that, cuz we used our brights.

Fan Mail
I think I've gotten e-mail through this site once before, when J told me to research about martial arts and crap. I don't count that one, cuz, well, it was just J.

So. Today, imagine my surprise when I opened my e-mail and found one (right at the top, no less) labeled "Being A G-Fry" from someone I've never heard of! How exciting, thinks I! It was even an interesting topic question. It read like so:
    Hi ~ Could you please tell me what it means to be a "G-Fry" and also where the slang came from, it you know?

I answered using these words:
    Sure thing, (NAME). Being a G-Fry is as easy as being a Geoffrey. You see, that's where the name came from. My name is Geoffrey, and one of my friends was playing around with it and came across G-Fry. It stuck, and here we are.

    That covers where it came from. Now, what it means to be a G-Fry is something much greater. It is to be in a league all your own. It is to be amazing, polite, gorgeous, humble, and everything in between. It is to be the pinnacle of personable perfection. To paraphrase with a well known phrase: women want me and men want to be me.

    Thank you for your question. Now, may I ask you where you found my name and why you ponder on the origins of G-Fry?

    Questioningly yours,


I guess they found my site and wondered what the hell I'm talking about. Whatever the reason for the e-mail, I appreciate it. You all should learn a thing or two from (NAME).

I think this means my site is officially beyond the journal phase.

Thursday, January 29
Don't Your Parents Read This?
kaychee mae: i miss making out
kaychee mae: that was fun
CapnPlanet37: yeah........yeah


Subjective Morality
Schreiner is making me write an essay over, and I quote: It is sometimes necessary to restrict individual freedom for the sake of social order. Not a bad topic. In fact, I've been arguing with some Jason guy about it over at Geoff's place. But then they go and say that I can't use more than 750 words.

Psh. Books have been written about this. I'm almost sure of it. Oh, well. I weaned down all of my arguements into a measly 759 words. I'm sure they won't mind.

And now, for your reading pleasure: my essay.

    Since September 11th, whenever the topic of “limited freedoms” comes up in conversation or politics, it is viewed with severe disdain, even hate. But what many people do not realize is that by submitting to governmental or societal controls over any part of their lives, they are consenting to restrictions of their individual freedoms for the sake of social order. This may sound like a bad idea, but the restriction of certain freedoms is necessary in order to preserve a social order. This means that, while the most important liberties remain in the hands of the people, certain, less important freedoms must be taken from the people in order to assure a greater measure of safety for the majority of society.

    If no regulations existed, whether through laws or social values, anarchy would reign. Man created these regulations in order to provide a more controlled environment for human life. For example, seat belts, traffic lights, and business regulations are all artificial creations. If these precautions were not in effect, however, people would do as they pleased in order to get what they desired, killing, stealing, and destroying whatever got in their way. Social mores and governmental laws provide for a structure of defense against this disorder by constraining certain individual freedoms.

    The most significant characteristic of deciding which freedoms are more important than others is the idea of personal choice and how it effects the vital aspects of a person’s life. These aspects can include how one will get food or wages, who controls the government, and other imperative facets of daily life, including the right to life itself. People are more apathetic towards giving up certain driving privileges (such as driving on the left side of the road) than towards the ability to choose their leaders. People want the right to choose what they believe will most greatly benefit themselves, what they believe will most efficiently better their lives. It is when society or the government restricts a person’s right to make these important personal choices that people may revolt against the morals or laws that they feel are being forced upon them.

    It becomes obvious, then, that the major conflicts that will occur when restricting individual freedoms for society’s safety will present themselves in the matter of personal choice: the choice to abortion or the choice to suicide, for example. Society’s greatest challenge is finding the point at which personal choice is too dangerous for society as a whole, and then restricting a person’s ability to carry out that choice. Before a society may set up these restrictions, however, it must first set up certain liberties that must always be permitted. This is important: if no limitations are set as to which freedoms may be taken away, a government may take all power away from the people by slowly eliminating all of their rights.

    Once these liberties are granted, as they are in the United States’ Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, restrictions on individual freedoms may be undertaken, through the consent of the majority by its morals, in order to better society as a whole. Examples of “inalienable” freedoms are those that are, according to those documents, self-evident: the freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Neither the government nor society has the right to take a person’s life. This is the most important of all individual freedoms. If any person besides the bearer of a life has the right to decide whether or not that life should continue, no other freedoms matter, for they can be swept away easily with the death of that person. The other two rights listed in Jefferson’s document go hand in hand: in order to pursue happiness, one must have liberty, and vice versa.

    It is obvious that individual freedoms should be granted, for without these freedoms, society would be worsened. For instance, a person that works hard only to avoid execution will only work as hard as is required to avoid that fate. A person working for his own happiness will work hard until his goal is achieved. So, individual freedoms should never be taken when they would diminish society’s productivity or capacity for growth.

    Without individual freedoms, society would crumble. Without morality and laws, individual freedoms would perish. Throughout history, and even today, the most difficult task that a society must face is to decide where individual freedoms lose their importance because of their disruption of the social order, and to prohibit those freedoms without further trespassing on the liberties that must always be present.

Did you actually read that whole thing? Wow...weirdo.

I guess I'll go do some homework.

It's The New Ross Perot!
Don't know who to vote for this year? Afraid that the "mainstream" candidates have sold out like Less Than Jake? Then vote independent!

Self-educated, so he knows the value of school!

I'm not sure how it happened, but I somehow appeared on this chick's referrer list. I don't think I've ever been there, but the picture is cool.

Better than a kinky search from Google.

Hornier Than A Pack Of Rams
Oh, good gravy. Imaginary girlfriends?'s so sad. And not the crying sad. The "my God, how idiotic and lonely do you have to be to want to buy a picture and a pair of scented underwear from some girl that's not that attractive anyway?!" kinda sad.

That's a lotta sad.

Laid Back Thursday
Thursdays are alright in my book. They're kinda like glazed doughnuts. They don't have all the fun and extra flavor of the doughnuts with icing on them, but you're not about to say no to 'em.

You know that you've only got one more day left before a wee smidge of break in the craze. Makes you grin a little.

Manfred stayed home from school today because he felt bad yesterday. Luckily for him, he was fine n' dandy today. He's spent the entire day playing online poker and putting almost a gig of music onto his computer. Such is life.

I had to take a chem test today. No one did well, we don't think, but that's fine. There's a curve and then test corrections. No one's going to fail. I think it made one girl cry, though.

Since I'm so outgoing, introverted people attract me. I want to bring them out of their shell. There's a girl in my economics class that I've known for a while, but only as the girl that doesn't talk much. The whole mysterious foreign (she's from Ukraine) thing is very alluring to me. Plus, she's gorgeous. And today she wore leather pants....

I feel a little woozy.

Wednesday, January 28
Maine Wannabe
Obviously, no one thought of rating blogs before Maine came along. Who else could come up with something so original, so inspired as blog reviews? Well, now this guy is copying you, Maine. His motto? make fun of every blog I run into, on my blog, and in their comments. Noone is immune!

How idiotic. I guarantee you, there are good blogs out there. I've found some. To immediately look for the bad in someone's site is a stupid way of entertaining your ego.

And you're welcome to rate my site. I know it's not wonderful. In fact, it's mostly just a compilation of thoughts from a teenage kid. But I promise, your bad review won't hurt or discourage me in any way. You've said that other sites suck when they really actually don't. By finding something wrong with every site you review, you destroy your credibility. Plus, it makes you an asshole. And nobody likes an asshole.

A big ol' "fuck you" from everyone you've ever reviewed.

Oh, Dear Lord
This disturbs me more than anything I've ever found...

Tuesday, January 27
Pines, Whines, Grumbles, & Moans
You ever have a conversation with a girl where you just tell her how wonderful she is? How cool, beautiful, smart, and overall spectacular she is? The kind of conversation that ends in a kiss?

I just had one over the internet.


Apologies and Introspections
My posts are never that good, but recently they've just been stupid and random, sometimes incoherent, ramblings. They look very much like they were copied off of a Xanga site. For this I am very, very sorry.

Now. On to the other part.

In Spanish today, we were discussing our memories of elementary school (en español, por supuesto). It got me thinking. I'm almost done with high school. In fact, today marks exactly four months to graduation. Seventy three more school days. Forty four school days that I will actually do school work.

I've received college acceptance letters. I've received information on scholarships. I am quickly moving towards the end of my high school existence. Although it brings with it the joy and excitement of a completely different, independent life outside of Allen, it is also frightening. I have grown up in this town. I have attended every grade of school within the confines of this one city. If I say where I went to elementary or middle school, chances are someone around me lives near one of them. I have never been the new kid.

I have never had a first day of school in a completely unfamiliar building. College will be a mini-city of buildings that I've never seen before. I won't know the best ways to get to the places I need to be. I won't know the back roads. I won't know the hallways. I'll have to ask where the bathroom is.

And Manfred won't be there.

It's never seemed important to me. We've been around each other since before we were born. We know the tiny idiosyncrasies that make up our personalities. We know how to push each other's buttons. We know how to fool people into believing that we're "cousins thrice removed". We know each other.

Moving away from Manfred may be the most difficult part of leaving home. Out of all of the people on the planet, he is probably the one that I have been around, know better, laugh with, hit, yell at, and love the most. Living somewhere else I can imagine. New friends, new house. But right now, I just can't see living somewhere new without him.

Manfred, I hope you have a good time at UTD. I hope you have more friends, I hope you meet more girls, I hope that you're happier there than you've ever been.

And I hope that you'll tell me all about it.

Monday, January 26
Technical Assistance
Does anyone know how to do a countdown clock? I'd love to get one for the end of school or graduation or something like that. It'd be loverly to look at my site and see exactly how many hours I need to get through before a glorious summer of summer-like activities.

I had something that I wanted to post about, but I don't remember.

Please Be Joking
Is it really possible to be this dumb? Read this post. Amusing enough. Then read Satpreet's comments on it. Um. You're...kidding...right?

Maybe not. The next post (really freakin' good, by the by) evokes the comment from someone that the story "very much reminds [him] of 1984." Satpreet says this.


John Lennon?

It was a Monday.

Homework needs doing.

Odd phone call.

I think she got hacked.

I need ideas for an independent study stat.

I forgot orchestra rehearsal this morning.

J's got a daughter.

I'm out.

Sunday, January 25
Things I've Learned Today
1) The federal government expects my family to pay $13,082 per year towards my college education.
2) I'm allowed to say words like "holy" and "crap" in front of my parents when we find out that the federal government expects us to pay $13,082 per year towards my college education.
3) We're expected to pay so much because of the huge ass farm that we own in Oklahoma.
4) The money we make on the farm once helped smuggle my aunt and cousin out of Italy.
5) The farm manager is named Jon.
6) Sometimes, my dad goes crazy and starts cleaning everything in the house.
7) My brother is attending UTD next year.
8) The same cousin that got smuggled out of Italy owns an apartment on 5th Avenue right next door to St. Patrick's Cathedral.
9) I need to cut my toenails.
10) My site is number four for "fry hard animals sex" Polish?

I'm wearing orange pants.

The Real Deal
Last night was an alright time. A few of us farted around until about six, and then pokerage ensued. We had two girls that had never played poker before. Now, if you've ever done something like that, then you already know that I lost my money. If you haven't, allow me to educate you.

If you teach a woman how to play poker, you're going to lose. At some point that night, she'll glance over at you and ask nervously for help. "Is this good?" she'll ask. You look down at her cards and see a full house. Kings over aces. Bitch! you'll think. "Yeah, that's alright," you'll say. And you have to let her win. You can't cheat her and tell her to fold, unless you're an asshole. And I try not to be an asshole.

So. Traci and Amanda won last night. I lost.

Anybody wanna play poker?

It's on. A lot on. It's gonna take me a day or two.

I'm on there, too.

A Complete Falsification
Traci and I made out. All night. That was all we did. From about six in the evening on through till eleven o' clock.

My tongue is tired.

Saturday, January 24
I know that I said that I hate pictures moving with the background, but these two are very neat. I'm thinking about using them for my page. Whaddya think?

Soon as I get the background, I'm opening it to the world.

The beginning isn't that funny, but once you get to where you can control him, it's a blast.

Via abbypants.

I saw The Butterfly Effect last night. Eh. There was some crappy acting with some good thrown in. It was drawn out. Unoriginal. But it was okay. Dollar movie theatre or something.

After that was over, we came home and watched a terrible movie my mom got. I've mentioned it before, but my mother has the worst ability to find awful movies. Last night's was no exception. It was called Flesh of the Beast. It was basically naked women running around having ten second sex with all the guys in the place and then killing them while shaking their heads like wet dogs. Here's a pretty good summary of the movie.

It was still better than Torque, though.

I'm quite exhausted. Only three hours of martial arts this morning, but the last two were hardcore workout. It was wonderful.

I'm a very Type A personality. I need to be doing something at all times. I don't think I was always this way, but all the homework from the past two years has made me adapt myself to it. So whenever I'm not doing homework and I don't want to watch TV, I just start wandering around the house. I want books! I've read pretty much everything that I want to read in this house (a lot of sci-fi stuff that I'm not all that interested in), and now I've got nothin'. I want Fight Club, I've heard good things about Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I'm always up for "classics".

I keep going to a couple libraries around here and they're always out of Fight Club. Buncha lousy no good beatnik holligans keep stealing it from me...

Damn hippies.

Friday, January 23
Go Somewhere Else
Now no one can say tabloids never did anything good.

This guy freaks out because he didn't get his eighty dollar rebate. So he's going to take them to court. He's right. Lawyer fees are much cheaper.

Ew. Just....ew.

I'll post something of substance later.

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